Weird Video Glitch in FRAPS

Is there a fix to that? its only in minecraft not other games. When I start recording its fine like i dont see the glitch but after i review the video there is white glitched things in the video


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Most of us have moved on from using Fraps, it's an ancient program that has never been updated since the last update years ago. I'd recommend moving to use something like OBS Studio, which is always updated and uses less-straining recording processes without the quality being affected. :)


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I have a suspicion it is the Delta Color Compression in modern GPU's

Minecraft is highly compressable due to the low resoution textuers in use.

I can only suggest reverting to an older driver

During the Win 10 Beta I was able to use Win7 drivers, not sure if this has been locked out yet.
However the older the driver the less "optimization" will be enable.
Fraps grabs frame data from the lowest level possible and this is no longer the best method.

If you are unable to resolve this move to MSI afterburner (Yes it has Capture ability it not just an overclocking tool) and install Lagarith Encoder.
This will produce basically the same output as Fraps but is much more modern and able to work around such issues.