Will 1TB SSD solve my issue? [ultra hi def]

I have 90+ FPS ingame but fraps drops my fps to 24-ish.
I think high settings cause it. I have all settings besides AA on max.

I'm also recording @2560x1440 pixel.

Will buying this:

...solve my issue?

Currently i have m4 crucial 128gb SSD and it drops to 24.
Tested with suggested WD caviar black aswell. SSD kind of improved frames.

I'm thinking of ordering soon. Any help appreciated.
I want to keep high settings while recording.

My System:
780 Ti
16 GB ram

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No, don't record to an SSD, that's not what they're designed for. Fraps is only optimised for up to 1080p HD, trying to record beyond that would require a RAID 0 configuration of HDD's, or using the half-size option to record at 1280x720 while playing at 2560x1440.

TBH, I'm not surprised that your FPS when recording is so low, you have your graphical settings in-game far too high: you need to lower them. I can get steady FPS in Skyrim at 1080p both outside and inside buildings while on high quality with lowered distances on Fraps, so you really need to do this.
But everyone who puts stuff on youtube with "original" quality has more than 1920x1080 and it's fluid.

Can you tell me more about Raid 0 ? I'm a complete newbie when it comes to that and Sata I, II, III.

What should i buy to get this working? I prefer 2 TB HDD if possible.

How do i find out if my Motherboard supports this so called "Raid 0" properly?

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People who have uploaded in "Original" quality on YouTube (well, the 1440p option) have not recorded at that resolution: they have simply upscaled their video to trigger that option to get around the poor bitrate of 1080p on YouTube (which I haven't ever encountered, especially with my video output workflow).

More info on RAID at these links:

Your WD Caviar Black will be more than enough to record with Fraps, please get CrystalDiskMark and run a Sequential Write test on the WD Caviar Black: instructions on doing this are on the link provided.

- Raid 0 is often used by the gaming industry and has huge performance boost
- I need atleast two HDD to get it working?

Can you suggest two?

My WD Caviar Black is flooded with many video games / rendering programs and other things.
I think my most recent seq write check had 90 mb/s which is kinda bad.

As i said, i'd like to keep my settings if possible. @2560x1440

Thanks btw! Didn't expect such a fast response.

I will post my HDD results in 20~ minutes since i'm rendering right now.

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Yes, you need multiple drives for RAID 0, but you should know that the boost only affects playing the game. There are very few tests on the internet that show it's a good set up for Fraps recording, but people use them for this purpose. However, if you plan on uploading to YouTube, there is little point in going beyond 1080p though.

Since you have indicated the Caviar Black is flooded with all your stuff, the Sequential Write speed test is redundant, so don't bother doing it.

@billman knows a lot about RAID 0 configurations so he will be able to assist further if you want to go the RAID 0 route. @raffriff may also want to chip in as well if he wants to add anything.

Thanks :)
Forgot to add:

It can be expensive if necessary. I really want this to work.
30+ FPS an 2tb would be awesome.

I can pay up to 750$

I don't know if i should say this but... in case i need Dxtory to get this done... please tell me.
I'm a huge Fraps fan, been using it for so long and i would rather not switch.

Will check back tomorrow!


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You should try lower detail settings; sometimes a small change (from 90 fps to 100 fps w/o recording) can have a big effect.

Fraps can record at even greater resolution than 2560x1440, but at a low frame rate.

Recording Skyrim @ 5760x1080 with SLI titans. Low FPS!?
It's a long thread; I'll try to sum it up. @AleksanderDev finally made this work, but not with Fraps: see the last quote below.
I'm struggling with really low fps when i start record. I have 2 Titans in SLI and i7 3770k @ 4,8Ghz. I get 60 FPS while not recording, but as soon as i start record it drops to 20 Fps stable. ...Normally i record to 3x250GB disks in raid 0(Stripe) and thought it might be to slow, so changed to my SSD's raid 0 with 1,1GB write read. But still the same...
If you have lots of RAM (16 GB+), you can try setting up a 4GB (minimum) RAM drive, as an experiment. RAM drives can write at 5 GB/s, so they take storage performance out of the equation.
I just tried recording to a RamDisk with around 4k read write and the fps was the same so its not the SSD's that causes the bottleneck.
Also worth mentioning, FRAPing to an SSD will reduce it life span... You also mention a stripe RAID how did you achieve this, onboard RAID (fake raid), expansion RAID card (real raid) or windows RAID (wana be RAID).
Yesterday i turned the shadow options beyond low quality to a point at which it looks very ugly. I than used Dxtory which can write uncompressed files to multiple disks at the same time... So with this and the low quality shadows settings i actually got 25-30 fps. If it was the shadow settings or the 3 simultaneously writing that made the impact I'm not sure.
...so yeah, I would first try lowering detail settings, and if that does not get you 30 fps, use Dxtory writing to multiple disks.

Note I said multiple disks - meaning multiple standard HDDs, not RAID.
RAID is tricky to set up; you can read about it here: https://encodingtalk.com/tags/raid/
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Ram drive basically tests if write speed is the issue? Assuming it goes below 30 FPS. Does that mean Raid 0 setup will go below 30 fps as well?
I have 16gb ram and a tool called "X Fast Ram" (Asrock) ... will try it soon.

I heard SSD with higher capacity live much longer.

I guess i need multiple HDD's to test the "write to multiple disks" thingy.

5760x1080 @20 FPS is pretty remarkable imo, leaves me some hope =)

I was thinking of ordering two of these: (or should i be ordering 3?)

I tried lowering settings, it didn't help.. guess those settings don't affect my GPU much since it can handle them.

@ RobiePAX My fraps framerate is currently at 29,97 and RGB is off.
If i order these, i will have:
1 SSD m4 crucial 128
1 HDD caviar black
2x Velocity Raptor

Where should i put my Windows/Games/Rendering Software/Download files/Recording- software & destination?

What write speed can i achieve with 2x Velocity Raptor?
If it's just 200, it might slow down to my current SSD write speed and then it's no big difference, right?
(once i record stuff on it)

Prob i should be ordering 3 then.


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  • 2560x1440/30 needs about 110 MB/s, which is 4x the rate of 1280x720/30 and about the same as 1920x1080/60. Not too bad, but the bottleneck in the system will not be storage, I suspect.
  • Create a RAM drive and make a test recording to see if, or how badly, your storage is a bottleneck.
  • Most motherboards can't handle 3-drive RAID 0 - check your specs.
  • Two Velociraptors (or even one?) should be enough anyway. You might try one and see how it goes.
  • As always, study up and scour the reviews before buying anything.
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Hi again!

I tested it with XFast ram some minutes ago.
I went to a Skyrim area where my frames were the lowest (Markarth)
Frames without fraps: 55-60 (specific place in Markarth)

I had mostly 30 FPS. 27 was the lowest and happens rarely but it still looks smooth.

Ram write speed was like 5200! Amazing :D

Any idea where to find relevant motherboard speccs?
My mobo: http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X79 Extreme4/index.us.asp

Do i have to upgrade my computer further to get this done? A second 780 Ti?
I wonder if Win 8.1 64 Bit has anything to do with my performance.

Dxtory is showing worse results than fraps for some reasons. 25+- FPS and lagarith codec or something else makes it look unsmooth. even at 30 fps+ it doesn't look smooth.


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Thanks for trying the RAM disk. The fact that you got 30 fps± shows that the real bottleneck is elsewhere, I fear.

Dunno about Win 8.1, let's hope not (*cough vista*)

Dxtory: try the native codec, medium quality (YUV420) or possibly the UT Video codec.
UT video codec solved my issue with Dxtory. Thanks

So i should probably think of getting a second 780 Ti?

What do you mean by "*cough vista*" ? Are you saying i should get it or were there issues with vista & fraps?


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Causese, I personally find it ridiculous that you are aiming to record at such massive resolution when you clearly see it puts too much pressure on your system, and reducing quality to 1080p is a very valid alternative. You can easily upscale the video to 1440p and force YouTube to streams higher bitrate anyway. Doesn't look as good? Turn on AA x2 or x4 or FXAA. Such AA options will put less pressure than such crazy resolution. But it's your choice I suppose.

If I were you, I would also try out GeForce ShadowPlay. 1. Because it's free for GTX users and is technically already installed on your machine. 2. It has better performance than both Fraps and Dxtory. So give it a shot before buying anything.
So i should probably think of getting a second 780 Ti?
You said it yourself, you are getting 90+ fps before you start recording. Meaning your computer has no problem on the graphics part, your computer has a problem recording such huge bitrate data on your Hard Drive. If the video bitrate exceeds or is too close to your Hard Drive maximum speed then it means it can't keep up.
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