will game recorder software increase game client FPS up to FPS:262


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i have a game char that has been locked by game officials
a player ( A55hat ) has submitted a vid of my char reporting that i was using a game speedhack, the game officials have locked my char based on this players vid.

my char in the vid displays very choppy movement, while i was playing the view from my screen was normal there was nothiing different from my point of view.

i checked the submitted vid from player A55hat and found in the vid there was some extreme FPS fluctuations.

this game Conquer online has a game client FPS cap of approx. Fps: 40 the submitted vid from A55hat shows FPS up Fps: 262

i have read that recorder software can make game client FPS fluctuate, and the maximum framerate that can be obtained will be equal to the refresh rate of your monitor (which is usually 60hz, 75hz, 85hz, or 100hz).or 120hz, 144hz.

in the vid there is a FPS of 133 which could be explained away by 144 monitor /graphics card refresh rate.

the vid also shows a higher FPS of 262.
this game is capped at Fps: 40, if i can rule out any recorder software refresh rates ( i dont think monitors
(regulary) handle 262 refresh rates). i need to prove that increase FPS to 262 is more then likely a game client hack , then the vid will be rejected, and my char unlocked.

my argument is that the player was using a modified game client ( FPS HACK ) and therefore the submtted vid should be rejected and my char should be unlocked.


1 ) IF game client FPS: 262 is not obtainable by current monitor or graphics card refresh rates (or highly unlikely)

2) IF game client FPS: 262 is obtainable by recorder software acting on monitor or graphics card refresh rates increasing the game client FPS up to and including FPS: 262 ( which pretty much screws me)

my vid i re-recorded and annotated showing FPS discrepancys of the gaming client hack. ( 4:20 on the vid timeline shows FPS 262 )
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9QPw1EQgUVBdjdzMDcySVB6bTQ/view?usp sharing

Orig vid submitted accusing my char of using speedhack
my char - WhiteFang><
vid recoreded by - A55hat

I would really appreciate any help on this matter, i have spent a lot of money time and effort on this char over a 10year gaming period. A 1min vid from a rouge hacker has all but destroyed it.


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Question 1 - obtaining a certain framerate is dependent on:
  1. the game engine
  2. the hardware on the computer running the game
  3. the resolution that the game is being ran at.
Item 1 seems to be the most relevant thing here, since you said your game is locked to 40fps. At that point, you would need to modify the client to allow anything faster, which could give you unexpected results both visually and with game stability. Fraps can lock a game to a lower framerate, but not raise it higher than what the game runs at.

Question 2 - I don't know the software limits of fraps, but based on all the footage discussed on here, recording at anything above 60FPS becomes a serious issue with most people due to bottlenecks with disk speed. The hardware simply can't keep up.