Windows Live Movie Maker Glitch

So on Windows Live Movie Maker, I have a problem. Whenever I try and play my files, Windows Live Movie Maker gives me the corrupt thing on them. As soon as I play them, they "corrupt". I need to fix it without harming the project. I have to get this project done in four weeks. I already saved it a few times before the glitch, and even though it said the project couldn't be saved when the files were corrupt, I was still able to successfully save it. But whenever I try to play them, the playback window thing goes black and the thumbnail on the timeline has the corrupt icon. How do I make it not do that, since I checked and the file is definitely not corrupt?

Thalmor Wizard

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Sometimes Movie Maker just decides to wrongly load a video and just permanently decides the video is corrupt, when it isn't. I've had this happen before.

You could try restarting your PC: my best tip, however, is to just use another video editor. Depending on what recording tool you used to record the file, Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony Movie Studio Platinum are cheap video editors that work for most everyday use.