Dxtory Write speed seemingly too low with Lagarith in Dxtory

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  1. Hi all.

    I am currently, using the Lagarith (YV12, multithreading enabled) codec in Dxtory, trying to record WoW at 1920x1080x60fps.

    Although my ingame FPS is constantly above 60fps, I am simply unable to reach a consistent file write speed of 60fps. It seems to hang around 40-50 fps.

    Is this expected with my following setup? It seems to me that my drives ought to be able to write quickly enough to write 60fps.

    My relevant specs are as follows:

    Intel Core i5 2500 @ 3.30GHz
    Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology

    8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24)

    ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8Z68-V LX (LGA1155)

    S240HL (1920x1080@60Hz)
    2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (ASUStek Computer Inc)

    232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB ATA Device (SSD) [WRITE SPEED: 330 MB/SEC]
    931GB Seagate ST31000528AS ATA Device (SATA) 31 °C [WRITE SPEED: 88 MB/SEC]

    As a note, I am writing with both drives using Dxtory's multiple drive function and WoW is installed on an external drive.

    Many thanks for any feedback.
  2. Further to my OP; I've now added a third drive with a write speed of 106MB/s.

    I can reach 80-90 FPS write speed with UTVideo RBG VCM... what gives with Lagarith?
  3. deardevildude19

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    You could firstly try de-fragging the HDD which you record to as a start and see if that makes a difference, if not just reply back then we will get back as soon as possible :D
  4. Thanks for the response, dear.

    As it happens, I did that very recently. All my drives are currently at 0% fragmented :(
  5. Thalmor Wizard

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    While I can only speak for Fraps, the write speed needed for 1080p60 is generally accepted to be 120MB/s (this will be a little higher because you are using a lossless codec). None of your drives hit this benchmark. You will need to lower the resolution a bit so you can get a stable recording. See the chart at the bottom of the post for more write information (it should be taken as a 95% accurate guide).

    From your specification information, I see you have an nVidia graphics card: have you tried Shadowplay? This is a feature on nVidia cards using recent drivers (from 330.x to present) which allows you to record the screen with a minimal performance hit, try testing it if you are able to do so. :)

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  6. It seems to me that my SSD more than doubles that benchmark of 120 MB/sec, or am I missing something?
  7. Thalmor Wizard

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    We don't really recommend recording to SSD's, but if you wish to do it, you should probably use something that records smallish files, or the drive will be filled up fairly quickly from file spam.
  8. Waddle

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    Hang on...so you're still not hitting a constant 60FPS write on 1080p even when you record to your SSD?

    for defragmentation, I recommend MyDefrag

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