Youtube Bad Video Quality (Render / Encode Settings)

that seems to have helped a bit! i know a lot of youtubers swear by lagarith and i was a bit skeptical when i saw the recording quality with matrox (noticeably worse than lossless) but the final product on youtube does seem better. smaller raw files are nice too.

i used yours/jackfrags dxtory settings, and i used Thalmor's vegas (or movie studio platinum in my case) with the suggested 1 slice and 30-34mbps settings (no handbrake yet) and uploaded that, it does seem like we're getting closer to the standard of quality present with the popular youtubers.

here's another test video

and now jingles for comparison

they look pretty much the same? i'll tinker with the settings a bit more and see what i can get, maybe i'm expecting too much from youtube but it does manage to get pretty good quality when the scene isn't moving, i notice it only goes bonkers when i start moving. if i could get it to look about the same that would be fantabulous.
well i think i have a working youtube quality now, thanks for all the help! :D

i seem to have noticed something a bit weird, i redid my old video and reused some of my old footage i didn't want to retake, it appears that some sections, such as the up close footage of the tank's details appears better in Lagarith Lossless but the action footage appears better in Matrox, i think i will experiment with having multiple codecs in one video to suit the footage. but the mainconcept AVC does appear to give the best render quality, i just render it at 30-34mbps and then upload that without handbraking it, i found the decrease in filesize isn't really that much worth the effort and loss in quality for me. i thought rendering in H264 AVI would be better since YT specifies h264 but for some reason that gave me abysmal quality. thanks again!