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Hello, so recently I've been recording with bandicam, which looks great at first when I open it up before uploading, as I've been trying render settings like these: (Except I record in 60FPS and Upload in 30FPS). Which look great before I upload them. As you can see, his 720p videos look amazing, and my renders with his settings look great too, but when I upload them, youtube butchers the quality. I've heard handbrake can fix this, but I was wondering what I should use settings wise, so I came here for help.

Example Video: <mod edit - video was removed by the user>
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If you are recording at 60fps, why are you outputting a 30fps video? There is no need to do this, just render in 60fps and upload in 60fps and your viewers will be able to watch the video in 60fps (for 720p/1080p quality settings).

Also, your video was removed by the user, so is meaningless. Please upload another video if you want to show it to the forum members.

EDIT: I had a look at the preset you are using (from the link you posted), I think it looks excessive and it's also not recommended to render anything into the WMV format as it desync's quite a lot on YouTube now. Have a look at this thread, where I give the YouTube preset information that I use and hopefully it helps:
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Thanks. This is the video; Sorry, I must've deleted it by accident.
. As you can see by the chat, and the hearts, it gets very blurry compared to those who post with similar 720p settings.