YouTube Destroys quality no matter what I do

Discussion in 'Video Encoding' started by Akakabuto, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. So I wanted to make a video edit for the game, so first I wanted to find good render settings before I do anything so I found a bunch of render settings that should give "best" results but non of them actually did...

    So I found this one to be the best out of all that I tried but it's still very bad.

    Here is the comparison:


    Here is video test:

    Encoded video (note: it must be downloaded to see real quality since Dropbox is applying heavy compression)
    YouTube video

    Notice how blurry/pixelated it becomes after YouTube re-encodes it...I know that this will always happen but it seems bit extreme in my case. What am I doing wrong ?

    Here are 2 other video tests with different render settings:
    1 (Render settings : )
    2 (Render settings : )

    Their videos look very crisp and clear unlike mine...
  2. Thalmor Wizard

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    A 3 second video is hardly going to display any problems. Consider recording a longer video (ie 30-60 seconds).

    Anyway, looking at the video on YouTube, it looks just fine, even at 480p and crystal clear on 720p60. Maybe you are just expecting too much from YouTube.
  3. Well, yeah maybe I'm expecting too much...I thought that difference in video rendered in that way would have minimal degradations compared to original.
    I'll try longer video...thanks for replying.

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