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  1. RobiePAX

    RobiePAX Site Contributor Well-Known Member

    Opera still uses Flash Player too and I won't switch browser only to get HTML5 -_-
    *cough* SaveFrom.Net *cough*
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  2. Waddle

    Waddle Site Contributor Well-Known Member

    I do use Firefox as my backup browser when Chrome gets derpy.
  3. Waddle

    Waddle Site Contributor Well-Known Member

    How is the quality of that?
  4. De-M-oN

    De-M-oN Well-Known Member doesnt convert. Default action is "download". I dont like that much. It doesnt mux the dash streams for you. At least last time I used it. does mux it for you already.

    But I personally use jdownloader 2 beta. It can also access the 256 kbit aac audios. Clipconverter downloads only the 128 kbit variant.

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