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I probably won't be around very much now, the site is mostly dead. Will just check in once a week to approve posts in moderation queue.
Dosbox fails to copy timestamps from source files using copy command.
The target file has the content duplicated but a timestamp showing the
current time but not the original "time of last edit".
This means dosbox cannot be used for "legally accurate" archiving of
original files.
How can I overcome this please
Who do I contact as the authors of dosbox please
Maybe I can write a "C" routine.
3000 posts?! You must be some super spammer bot! /jokes
Have a cookie and a sweetroll for all your help to the community! Without you, I doubt we'd have so many regulars! :D
Fraps keeps Crashing my Minecraft. Going to make a post soon. Please post comments for any ideas I could do! Thanks
Could my account be deleted, I never used it anyway and I don't want my email to be associated to this anymore

Edit: Thanks for the help
I am really enjoying my time on FRAPSForum I have met lots of nice people such as @Thalmor Wizard , @RobiePAX , @raffriff anf @billman
Hi billman, just want to thank you of recomending the software ( "fraps" ;) ). It works perfectly and doesn't drop fps (I just tried recording at 720p but It's perfect for me). It's incredible how different is the result...